NAG Progress Day and Meeting 25th April 2019

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NAG Progress Day and Meeting 25th April 2019

Postby RobM » Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:26 am

We have three accounts of this long and productive day. (Even the scribes have
to do it in shifts!). I was unable to attend due to a bug and apologized for this.
Thanks to those who attended and to the three scribes who’s accounts are
below. Martin and Brian took some photos to show progress.
Ken Kirk,
Group Coordinator.

Progress Report NAG Workshop 25-4- 2019
8 Members attended the workshop, with a guest appearance from Barry and Rob.

Work on the layout was as follows:
1. The last remaining point work was laid by Tony Wilkins and Richard Marshall. There were
slight height differences caused by different underlay where the points join the rest of the
layout. This will need adjusting.
2. John Slack and Tony Wilkins commenced checking the electrical continuity for the existing
wiring and the point operation and later in the morning had Tonys 08 diesel running on the
layout. The existing control panel was wired in but as the track plan has changed we will
need to build a new panel. A number of redundant point motors will need to be removed
and 2 of the Fulgurex point motors will need to be swapped out for Tortoise motors. Ken Kirk
has already donated 3 Tortoise motors but we may need an additional 2. The C&L Tortoise
adaptor plates will also be required, so if any NAG members have any spares feel free to
donate them!
3. David Clarke will circulate some ideas for the scenic part of the layout in the next few weeks.
4. Members were also working on their own projects, Stephen was building a piece of P4 track
as a test, David Clarke continued with wiring up his small layout (under the expert guidance
of Tony Wilkins), Nigel continues with his layout by investigating some track plans, Pete was
working on his 0-6-0 shunter kit and Brian was working on some wagons.

The boards of the layout were joined together and the electrics were tested.
Tony’s 08 ran on the original track work on the main board. He and John tested the track for
continuity and eventually the 08 ran onto the central board.​
The point motors were activated but did not throw all the points as originally collected when
the boards were purchased. Some of the stretcher bars had become disconnected from the
point motors and Tony soldered them back together.
All the track work added by the group still needed connecting to the electrical supply.
David was building some Brassmasters underframes and Stephen was building track.
A reminder that there is no meeting 2nd March.
Brian Slater
Deputy Minutes Secretary
25 th April 2019

Five members attended the evening session. Bob brought along the model loco shed and water
tower he has made and these looked really good on the group layout. He is going to make a coal
stage to complete the scene.
Tony was helping Bevis with Templot issues; Peter was working on two loco kits – his Consett long-
boiler 0-6-0 and a South Eastern Finecast kit for a Southern Railway Class R; Bob was working on a
Brassmasters chassis kit for an LMS Ivatt 4MT; and I was working on my L&YR Brake Third carriage
Martin Nield,
Minutes Secretary

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