NAG Meeting 28th March 2019

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NAG Meeting 28th March 2019

Postby RobM » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:39 am

A total of thirteen members attended this all day session including the eight in the evening.

John was performing electrical wizardry and later was teaching new member Stephen Hefford how to solder electronic components.
David was wiring up his loco shed diorama with Tony Wilkins’ help.
Ken brought his workshop along and made a protective cover for one of the layout boards with help from Nigel.
Bill Gabb was busy modelling but I don’t recall what.
Richard was finishing a short section of track for the layout.
Tony was building track for Brimsdown
Howard was making wire harnesses for locking frame switches.
Martin was working on an L&Y bogie brake 3rd coach.
Bob was making track for a double road shed, Bevis was working with Templot,
Brian was building a Slaters rectangular tank wagon.

The next meeting is on April 4th when the test track will be available.
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