NAG Meeting 14th February 2019

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NAG Meeting 14th February 2019

Postby RobM » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:15 pm

Twelve members attended what was a very lively and enjoyable modelling night.

Howard was working on the electric locks for his latest lever frame with assistance from John; Peter
was continuing work on his Judith Edge kit of a Consett 0-6-0ST and also looking at a Finecast SER 0-
6-0; Nigel was adding downpipes to the station buildings for his Cupar project; Richard was riveting
sleepers for Tony’s Brimsdown layout (with advice from Tony); Barry was working on a Wizard
Models iron ore hopper kit; Bob was working on his MR signal box using York Model Making parts;
Ken was making servo control equipment using the MERG Ezypoints kit; John was working on his
Society lever frame kit; David was building some Cambrian private owner wagons kits; and I was
modifying some Ratio telegraph poles to make them look more like L&YR ones.

Next Thursday (21 February) it will be a Project Day when the hall at Risley will be open all day for
work on the group layout but also available for members to bring their own modelling projects along.

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15 February 2019
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