NAG Progress Day 25th October 2018

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NAG Progress Day 25th October 2018

Postby RobM » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:33 am

10 members attended the all day workshop with the primary intention of working on
the NAG layout.
Progress on the layout was as follows:
1. Ken Kirk had brought some timber to make an end board for the terminus end of
the layout. Track work had been damaged when the board had been taken down
from its storage. Ken completed this task.
2. The track work to complete the sidings at the terminus end were laid by John
Slack, Brian Slater and Tony Wilkins. The track laying was assisted by the use of the
extensive collection of lead weights supplied by Tony Wilkins. (The box of weights
almost needed 2 people to carry it!) The point-work made by Paul Morris was also
laid by Tony Wilkins.
3. Various damaged track work was also fixed.
4. John Slack fixed droppers to the newly laid track.
Other work being done by members as follows:
David Clarke was working on his small layout ( in between working on the NAG
layout) and completed the laying of a point and 2 sidings.
Brian Slater was working on more wagon building between working on the group
Nigel Fawcet was continuing the good work on his station buildings.
Richard was continuing the re build of the crossover for the NAG layout.
Ken Kirk was investigating the operational requirements for the NAG visit to John
Brighton’s layout.
Pete Macfarlane was working on his Judith Edge kit of a “Long boiler” loco.
Bevis Heap joined the group after lunch.

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