NAG 7th AGM 11th October 2018

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NAG 7th AGM 11th October 2018

Postby RobM » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:50 pm

The meeting started at 8.15pm chaired by Ken Kirk, Co-ordinator of the Group. Eleven members
were in attendance.

Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Howard Bolton, Peter McFarlane and Barry Wilson.
Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
The minutes had been circulated to all members. It was proposed by David Clarke and seconded by
Brian Slater that they should be approved. This was agreed.

Matters arising from the minutes
There were no matters arising.

Co-ordinator’s Report
Ken Kirk presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He thanked members who had given talks or
demonstrations during the year; John Slack for his valuable work as Treasurer and on the legal side of
things; Richard Marshall for acting as Minutes Secretary following the departure of Len Pinder and
for his continuing work on booking the hall and looking after the catering; Bevis Heap for his work as
Shows Co-ordinator during what had been a very busy year and David Clarke and Tony Wilkins for
their work on the group layout.
There had been 44 meetings since the last AGM and average attendance had been nine, down from
12 the previous year. However this is still around 50% of the membership which is a creditable
Howard had kindly hosted a lathe workshop run by Terry Bendall which had proved very popular.
Social events had included the annual Christmas dinner and Ken’s own birthday bash.
Three new members had joined the group during the year.
Martin proposed a vote of thanks to Ken which was greeted with applause.

Minutes Secretary
Richard said he had stepped into the breach to take the minutes but needed to step down now due
to his hand tremor which makes it difficult for him to write. Bevis proposed a vote of thanks for
Richard which was greeted with applause.​

Treasurer’s Report
John presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He said we had an income of £1,188.79 during
the year and expenditure of £603.89, making a surplus of £584.90. NAG funds have grown from
£3,205.81 to £3,790.71, currently held in the Loughborough Building Society, and £44 as cash.
Expenditure had been down on the previous year due to reduced room hire, exhibition costs and
equipment purchases.
John said we needed to change the bank account to a Community Bank Account in line with current
banking practice; to check if Risley Village Hall’s insurance policy would cover us in the event of any
accidents and to create an asset register. He said he and Ken would pursue these matters in the
coming months.
John said he had not received a proposed budget from the layout group, so he was imposing a cap of
£250 per annum. Instead of paying individual receipts for tea, coffee, milk and sugar he suggested a
float of £50 to cover this and this was agreed.
It was John’s overall opinion that the subs for NAG meeting attendees should remain at £3 for the
time being with a possible review in January 2019.
It was proposed by Bevis and seconded by David that the accounts should be accepted. This was

Project Co-ordinator
David presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He said progress with the layout had been slow
but the recent introduction of full-day workshops had speeded things up. David thanked Tony for
bringing his expertise and willingness to help to the layout project.
Tony suggested that, once the new sections of track had been laid, the layout could be brought out
most weeks (except on test track nights) for work to be done on it. This was agreed, but it was also
agreed that the layout needs to be better protected from damage if it is to be moved regularly.

Shows Co-ordinator
Bevis presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He said it had been a busy year with a stand at
the DEFine Modellers’ Day, Nottingham, Derby, the DEMU Showcase and the test track at
Scaleforum. He thanked Tony for taking the test track to Scaleforum and looking after it there.
He thanked all those members who had helped to man the stand and/or test track at these events.
Next year looks quiet at the moment, with only the Derby show in the diary. Bevis was asked to
investigate if Derby would also like to have the test track. Ken asked Bevis to investigate the
possibility of Society/NAG representation at the DEFine show, possibly on or near Howard’s Minories

Election of officers for 2018-19
It was proposed by Martin Nield and seconded by Brian Slater that Ken be re-elected as Group Co-
ordinator. ​
It was proposed by Brian Slater and seconded by Richard Marshall that Martin be elected Minutes
Secretary. Martin said he would only do the job on condition that he did not have to do the minutes
every week. Brian said he would do the minutes from time to time and David also volunteered to do
them occasionally. Ken would also take minutes in the absence of the others.
It was proposed by Bevis Heap and seconded by Nigel Fawcett that John Slack be re-elected
It was proposed by Brian Slater and seconded by Tony Wilkins that David Clarke be re-elected Project
It was proposed by Martin and seconded by Ken Kirk that Bevis be elected Shows Co-ordinator.
All these appointments were agreed.
Brian Slater was re-appointed as Deputy Minutes Secretary and Auditor.
Therefore the officers for 2018/19 will be:
Group Co-ordinator Ken Kirk
Treasurer John Slack
Minutes Secretary Martin Nield
Project Co-ordinator David Clarke
Shows Co-ordinator Bevis Heap
Depminsec. Brian Slater

Forthcoming meetings and visits
Ken said a visit to John Brighton’s Millhouses was being organised; Brian agreed to organise a visit to
Tony Gee’s to see Peter Denny’s Buckingham ; and Martin agreed to host a meeting to see his layout
Eccleston once some reliability issues had been resolved.
It was agreed to hold an Advanced Lathe Workshop, following confirmation with Howard as host and
Terry Bendall who have provisionally agreed to this.
1) Tony volunteered to give a presentation on his new layout Brimsdown .
2) Bevis agreed to do one on DCC.
3) Simon on photographing models.
4) Simon suggested members gave short presentations on their recent modelling projects and
this was agreed to be a good idea.​

Communications within NAG
Ken asked that members adopt the following protocols when using email:
 As the email address list had been compromised recently (now resolved) all correspondence
involving the entire group should go through him.
 When replying on a subject, members should reply to the original message and not create a
new one.
 Members should keep emails to one subject unless other subjects were mentioned in the
subject line.

Any other business
There was no other business.
The meeting closed at 9.15pm and was followed by a fuddle and the showing of a brief film.

Martin Nield, Minutes Secretary
12 October 2018
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