NAG Meetin 13th September 2018

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NAG Meetin 13th September 2018

Postby RobM » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:28 pm

Eleven members were present.

Members were working on their own projects as follows:

    David Clarke – Applying lettering and lining transfers Martin Neild’s RSH 0-4-0ST.

    Nigel Fawcett – Scratch building road bridge handrails for Cupar station.

    Tony Wilkins – Preparing the floors for the assembly of Parkside BR steel Open Merchandise Wagons. Tony also brought in some of his lovely pointwork for his Brimsdown layout.

    TW.jpg (405.52 KiB) Viewed 735 times

    Martin Neild – Initial running-in on the NAG test track out of his Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST, built from a High Level Models kit and was painting the loco crew to go in it.

    Peter Mcfarlane – Startng the chassis assembly of a Judith Edge kit for a Consett Class A Kitson 0-6-0PT. An unusual, but distinctive prototype.

    Bevis Heap – Assembling a SR Ballast Plough Brakevan from a Cambriam plastic kit, with Masokits sprung chassis.

    Richard Marshall – Rectifying vertical rail alignment on the cross-over for the NAG layout.

    Paul Morris – Checking the control tables for turnout locking on Leeds Wellington station.
    Howard Bolton - Checking operation and interlocking of Lever Frame for Leeds Wellington.

In addition to all this frenzied activity, Paul, David, Tony, Richard, Ken Kirk and John Slack were planning work on the NAG layout for the workshop on 15th Sept.

Richard Marshall 11 September 2018
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