EMAG Meeting 19th May 2022 at Risley Village Hall

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EMAG Meeting 19th May 2022 at Risley Village Hall

Postby RobM » Sat May 21, 2022 11:33 am

6 Members attended the day session.
Richard was continuing with the building of his Ruston 48DS Kit.
John was converting wagons for his Bolsover layout.
Rob paid a visit and had a chat.
Tony was repairing the damaged track and replacing missing Chairs on the group layout.
Ken bought some of his track to work on but ended up experimenting with Polyfiller mixed with Black powder paint to simulate dark grey ash on the group layout. It took a couple of attempts to achieve a suitable shade of grey.
Further discussion took place regarding the numerous samples of ballasted track using different materials and methods. A few preferred options were selected for use on the layout and John conducted some experimental ballasting on a pair of sidings using a premix of ballast and Cascamite powdered wood glue, one using an Isopropanol aerosol spray and one using a mister spray and water. The IPA experiment was not successful as it dissolved the colour of the wood dyed sleepers and did not appear to activate the glue. This was quickly cleaned off. (Lower track in the photograph.) The water experiment was more successful. (Upper track in the photo.)
It must be added that we were trying to ballast over previous work on the inherited layout.

Johns ballasting.jpg
Experimental ballasting
Johns ballasting.jpg (168.68 KiB) Viewed 248 times

The evening session was attended by 5 members.
Richard, John, Ken and Tony carried on as before.
Bevis was working on a trio of SR M7 loco chassis.

Next weeks meeting 26th May will be a modelling evening.

David Clarke and Tony Wilkins.
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