EMAG Meeting 18th November 2021

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EMAG Meeting 18th November 2021

Postby RobM » Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:02 pm

6 members attended the day’s meeting.

David was working on his trackwork and a High Level Andrew Barclay 18 inch 0-6-0T loco. Ken was working on a London Road Models LNWR 6 wheel brake van and I was painting my coal staiths.
John was testing and modifying the wiring on the large baseboard of the layout, Richard was sorting out a dry joint on another baseboard and Tony was sorting the wiring on the remaining baseboard. David started fixing new tags on the board that Richard had been working on.

Brian Slater


Pete arrived mid afternoon and did some more work on his model pub building.

7 members attended the evening session.

John was continuing to decipher the mysteries of the wiring of baseboard 4 of the Group layout.
Ken was helping John with some of the track wiring on the layout and finalising the bookings for the Christmas dinner.
Bob was considering his next steps in building a David Andrews 7mm kit for a LMS 2P and particularly how to proceed with the inside valvegear.
Bevis was examining a Southwark Models kit for a LSWR director’s saloon coach and considering his options.
Richard was constructing a High Level models Quadradrive gearbox for a Judith Edge kit for a Ruston 48DS.
Howard was once again packing lever frame etches for the Scalefour stores.
I was continuing the decipher theme with baseboards 2 & 3 and making some alterations to the wiring.



Getting to grips with the wiring of the layout and understanding its designer’s foibles has proved to be quite difficult. Rather than two supply buses as originally thought there are in fact three, as what was originally intended to be the platform road, has its own.
Furthermore some of the buses were interlinked and separating them has been something of a challenge. On board 4 one turnout crossing was wired reverse polarity.
Unfortunately during removal of the baseboard lid, some rail ends were damaged needing repair and consideration needs to be given to preventing a repetition of this issue.

Board 3 was missing some droppers for the new trackwork and these have been fitted. There are two point motors to be wired in. Control lines for these will need to be extended.

Board 2 required droppers fitting to the new track sections. These have been added and wired.

Consideration needs to be given to the design of a proper control panel.

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Re: EMAG Meeting 18th November 2021

Postby Enigma » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:21 pm

Has Richard seen my thread on RMWeb regarding building a Quadriver to fit a Hornby 48DS? It includes the 'techniques' I used to build the QD and get it to work reasonably well.

https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index ... nt-4640400

Tony Wilkins
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Re: EMAG Meeting 18th November 2021

Postby Tony Wilkins » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:28 pm

I shall point him in your direction.
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