EMAG Zoom meeting 1st April 2021

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EMAG Zoom meeting 1st April 2021

Postby RobM » Sun Apr 04, 2021 7:11 am

Twelve members of the group enjoyed a lively and entertaining meeting on Zoom.
David said he had been working on a London Road Models kit for a LNWR Dia. 17 brake van which
has a one-piece resin body with excellent bolt detail. However the brake gear is proving challenging
to assemble. The switch on David’s compressor has broken, meaning he is currently unable to spray
models; both John and Chris gave him some professional advice on how to fix it.
Tony said he had posted a lengthy blog on the Forum explaining how he makes flat-bottomed track;
this follows an earlier blog on building track using bullhead rail. He had also been laying some track
on his new layout, but had encountered problems with his baseboard which is made of Sundeala and
has warped in one place. Chris suggested strengthening it with plywood.
Chris showed us a photo of his 2mm finescale model of Bodmin which he has assembled in his
railway room. He said he had chosen to model Bodmin because as a terminus which is also a junction
it has a lot of operational interest.
Bryan said he was planning to use a Palatine underframe for his auto-train carriage rather than the
Comet one, but ideally he would like to visit a heritage railway where he could measure and
photograph an LMS carriage first.
Brian said he had not done any modelling but had been making up wagon kits for the GCR Society to
sell on its stand at Warley in November.
Peter said he had acquired a silhouette cutter some years ago and had recently started using it again
but was “fighting the software”! He uses it to make carriage sides and showed us a ‘Tadpole’ DMU he
had made.
Michael showed us a Midland Railway weighbridge hut he was repairing and also some superb H C
Casserley photos he had acquired.
Ken Kirk said he had been working on his layout, laid some cork and glued a Templot template down
but it had buckled up so he had had to start again.
Bevis said he had converted a Model Rail Sentinel to P4 and had had it running on the Manston
Brewery layout. His GWR wagons were now ready for painting.
Ken said he hoped we would be able to resume physical meetings at Risley in September and asked
John to draw up a list of dates and ask Richard to book the room. John reminded us that we would
need to have an AGM and Martin said he would suggest a date.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 6 May also on Zoom.
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2 April 2021
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