NAG Meeting 31st October 2019

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NAG Meeting 31st October 2019

Postby RobM » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:37 am

11 members attended this meeting.
Nigel was working on a bridge for Cupar;
Joel was researching Ruston 48DS and 88DS locos in a book lent by Tony;
Bob was continuing building Dingham couplings;
Pete was working on his Prickly Pear SE coal wagon;
I was continuing the conversion two GC well wagons from EM to P4;
Bevis was showing Joel Decoder Pro DCC programme;
Tony was wiring Cobalt point motors;
Martin was working on an L & Y carriage;
John was wiring up some recovered DIN plugs;
Richard was desoldering some used edge connectors;
And Ken was doing admin work.
The kitchen cabinet also had a meeting to discuss a name change for the group. The minutes
Were sent to NAG members on 011119.
Next meeting is a workshop and the test track will be available.
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1 st November 2019
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