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Watermouth Project update

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:30 pm
by steve howe
Due to on-going health problems Pete has been advised he will be unable to work for the next few months.

In order to minimise any inconvenience to customers due to hospital appointments, he has therefore decided to close the shop. Intercity Models are now concentrating on exhibition and mail order trading only giving Pete more time to develop his own product range. As a result of this, Watermouth has been removed from the Porthleven premises and relocated to the Falmouth & District MRC clubroom where sections can be worked on individually. Fortunately the major work of rebuilding and modifying the baseboards has been completed and we can now begin to work systematically on each section revising the wiring and point control mechanisms. Currently it is not possible to re-erect the complete layout in the Clubroom, but this is not necesarily a disadvantage as the bulk of the future work lies in detailing which can be carried out on one or two sections at a time.

Any members living in Cornwall (or beyond) who would like to join in the project would be most welcome. The official club night is Friday, but it is likely that Watermouth will be developed on a seperate evening or weekends when more space is available.

Contact Steve Howe on 01326 240768

or Pete Tisdale

Re: Watermouth Project update

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:09 pm
by Captain Kernow
Sorry to hear that Pete isn't well - hope he has a speedy recovery.

Re: Watermouth Project update

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:30 pm
by steve howe
Following a query on RMWeb, I append below a brief update of progress (or lack of!)

Rather sadly the project has somewhat slowed, mainly due to having to remove the layout from its previous spacious premises at the back of Inter City Models shop when Pete moved his business. The layout is now stored in the F&DMRC clubroom but unfortunately there is no space to erect more than two or three boards which makes developing the overall scheme difficult. It is unfortunate that the P4 modellers and members of the Scalefour Society (of which there are upwards of 20) are so spread out geographically (an occupational hazard in Cornwall) making any collaborative effort difficult to coordinate. Ideally we need a dry, sound space about 24' x 14, ideally in central Cornwall, to set the thing up permanently, concentrate initially on sorting out the wiring (the intention is to convert to DCC) and develop the new sections that will unite the two existing halves of the layout together. Not only would the layout make a superb exhibition feature, it would also be fascinating to operate.

Pete and I had managed to renew all the old baseboard framing and sort out the somewhat haphazard carpentry of Pat's later alterations, and construct all the framework for the new sections before we had to dismantle. Essentially everything is ready to move on but we lack space and manpower. Ironically, the main stumbling block of many layouts of this size, that of finding sufficient rolling stock, is the least of the problems since we hold an extensive collection of some 12 locos, about 15 coaches of varying vintages in a largely finished state with many more awaiting completion, and upwards of 100 items of freight stock. All this is securely stored, and I have been working through some of the older locos to improve their running qualities in readiness for chipping.

So this may be an opportune moment for those interested to come out of the woodwork and join in, and if anyone knows of a suitable space for it please let me know!