CHEAG July Outing - a railway that doesn't leave home...

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CHEAG July Outing - a railway that doesn't leave home...

Postby John McAleely » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:06 pm

July's CHEAG meeting was hosted by Ian Greenfield, and we all enjoyed a look around what he referred to in the run up as his 'railway museum'.

Set on a joint railway somewhere, stock can be found from the big-four, in liveries that to my eye look at the later end of their lifetime. I'm not an expert on the period, so I'll let others comment.

Ian calls it a museum, because the layout has evolved over many years, and forms a showcase for what was considered best practice in each period of development.

The photos I took were with my phone, so there are limitations in their quality. Ian's mentioned he's taken a few of his own since, so perhaps some nicer pictures will emerge.

To set the scene, here is CHEAG considering the finer points of Ian's enterprise:

CHEAG in discussion: Martin, Richard, Phil, Adrian and Paul
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And the rest of the photos can be found here:

The eagle eyed might spot that this is technically not P4. Ian started building his loco fleet before P4 was an obvious choice, and his own decision was to adopt the P4 wheel profile, and then make changes to the 00 track gauge to take advantage of the finer wheel. I asked what gauge that actually meant in practice, and he offered to run a vernier over one of his jigs. As our own starters guide notes - so long as the jigs are built correctly, it's not critical to have the dimension on the tip of your tongue...

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