Area group meeting - Templot demonstration

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Area group meeting - Templot demonstration

Postby Dave Hawkins » Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:31 pm

Dave Smith of the South Hants MRC will be giving a demonstration of the Templot track design software on Thursday 4 February at the South Hants MRC club rooms starting at 8.00pm.

"This is not a heavy teach in but a session to show the basics of how it works. I will bring a projector for my laptop so we can use the projector screen in the club room to allow everbody to see. My plan is to work through a simple layout plan, if you have your own version of Templot on a laptop please bring it along to play with at the same time, the only requirement is that you have the PUG 91C version loaded . If we have any time left at the end I will demo the TRAX layout software, which is easier to use but lacks some of the functionality of Templot (you pays your money as they say)."

I would be useful if you could let me know if you are planning to come.

Directions to the venue can be found at

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