UV cure adhesives

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UV cure adhesives

Postby Simon_S » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:38 pm

My dentist now uses UV cure fillings which seem a much simpler process than the previous two-part epoxy ones so I thought I'd see if there was something similar publicly available. The most popular product seems to be '5 second fix', readily available on Amazon and eBay for less than £3. It comes as a pen style dispenser with a fine metal tube nozzle and a UV LED torch on the other end. The glue itself is a thick, clear and rather foul smelling gel, it sets hard, clear and smell-free pretty much instantly when you shine the UV on it. Obviously, it won't set deep inside a joint where the UV can't reach but it works well in applications where you can use a fillet of adhesive. The controllable cure makes it clean and convenient to use, you can wipe away any excess uncured adhesive. The resulting joint is pretty strong, stronger than superglue I'd say. I've successfully used it to repair a split shower door seal which would not have been possible with any other adhesive I can think of.
Hope this is of interest, I'm sure this product could have many modelling uses.

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