Applying Archers to Much Used Metals

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Lindsay G
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Applying Archers to Much Used Metals

Postby Lindsay G » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:14 am

I'm still playing about with the conversion of a D&S Cowan Sheldon 15t Standard Crane to the Caley forerunner. As well as ditching all the jib etched parts, all the rivet/bolt detail has now been removed from the white metal chassis and crab sides, other than those representing the rivets on outer angle girders, as they're completely inappropriate (actually, lots of the chassis side detailing seems inappropriate for the standard crane as well!). If you should ask why I didn't just start from scratch I might just poke you in the eye, or over the Forum politely tell you how to get off (with moderators in the wings).

However, should you be unprovoked by such a potential earful or eyeful, your experience is sought. Lots of detailing will have to be re-added for which many Archer, Masterclub, and Grandt Line items have/are being purchased. I've been meaning to get into Archer's surface details for some time and this will now happen (sometime with my track record, soon hopefully!). I know that they should be applied before painting, which I'd be happy with as regards plasticard, but I intend applying them to both brass or N/S, and whitemetal as well. What is everyone's experience with applying them to such surfaces? Having applied them, another obvious problem is that the items can't then be put into an ultrasonic bath for a deep clean, or even hot water, before painting.



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Andy W
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Re: Applying Archers to Much Used Metals

Postby Andy W » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:10 am

Yes you are right. The Archers shouldn't be applied if you intend to wash the model. They will take on brass though (if the surface is clean), so best sequence is to wash the model; apply the rivets; then seal with primer. However, if you want the rivets to show black against a different body colour then paint your model; then apply rivets; then seal with varnish.
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jim s-w
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Re: Applying Archers to Much Used Metals

Postby jim s-w » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:42 pm

I apply archers after the primer and seal them with clear. Then another light primer and top colours. HTH


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