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CRAG Meeting 13 June 2019

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:31 pm
by SteamAle
After the problems of last month we decided to try again to visit Ron in Swaledale. Due to a variety of factors numbers intending to visit were smaller than normal. As it turned out things did not get any better. Having picked up Ron and Patsy we made our way down the valley to the Farmers Arms in Muker. We expected Ian and David to join us so waited before ordering our food, the Real Ale was going down very well! With no sign of them and time moving on I tried to call them but guess what? No mobile signal in the Dales! Food ordered and consumed a message came through, via a landline, informing us that due to a puncture they could not make it. For David it was a very expensive day as he had to stay over in Askrigg, at Ian's, while a new tyre was sourced, delivered and fitted by the local garage.

Four of us, SWMBO was with me, made it back up the hill and into the railway room. The long winter had allowed Ron to move on with his track laying and he had completed the last of his trackwork that allows full running as well as the branch line as far as its, soon to be installed, fiddle yard. As there was just the two of us not only did we run trains we also connected in another of his ZTC units, allowing two operators and thus greater operation. A couple of other minor jobs were also taken care of as well, one was sorted after I left. One set of coaches always derailed on entering the fiddle yard. We had decided the track could not be at fault as nothing else had an issue. Ron discovered that it was that two of the coaches were coupled too close together causing the bogies to jump a point frog. Eight coach trains are now running.

The day was rounded off with me having to eat two portions of the food that Patsy had prepared for six when only four turned up! It was very nice but I must try and diet now!