CRAG Meeting 14 February 2019

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CRAG Meeting 14 February 2019

Postby SteamAle » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:18 pm

Following a very successful meeting last month, in Cumbria, we crossed the border to Askrigg in Yorkshire and visited Ian again. He had continued working away on Bradford North Western but needed a bit a maintenance work before lunch in one of his locals then returning to operations.
Ian has a full sequence, which seems to change every time we operate it! We even have to use bell codes between the main station and Scargill sidings!

He also uses the Roco/Fleishmann Z21 (not Spectrum) as his digital control system. For those not familiar with this system it is wireless and uses mobile phones or tablets to control a variety of functions. Not all are used on Ian's layout but time will tell. I like being able to walk round the layout following a train without having trailing cables to get knotted up in! One good feature is that you can select your locomotive by bringing up a screen that displays an image of it as well as the number. On the latest version of Z21 you can bring up a screen showing the locomotive cab and actulay use the control knobs to drive your train. Has anybody used this yet? As with all digital systems a little bit of discipline is required to ensure you have stopped a locomotive before moving onto control another. How many times has a locomotive started to move of its own accord?

Tea and cake along with lots of banter around the table finished a very enjoyable session.
David Dredge looks closely as a move takes place in Bradford NW station
Stuart carries out a running repair while Ron looks at the Scargill siding scene and Ian is manning the fiddle yard.
This one runs!

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