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CRAG Meeting 22 November 2018

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:16 pm
by SteamAle
Before getting snowed in for the winter we ventured into the wilds of Swaldale, to visit Ron in his purpose built authentic, Yorkshire Dale barn. It was amazing to think back to our first visit when there were just bare boards to look at with a piece of test track. June 2013 to be precise. Looking at the amount of track that has appeared in the last five years, and all laid by one individual, I'm certain lots of people would be envious. There again when you live in the wilds there are not many distractions or neighbours to worry about! Even the local pub is a five mile drive. We went there for our lunch before seeing how far we could get a locomotive to run on the layout. There is a temporary full circuit but this will change in the goodness of time.

And through the round window

Yards and yards of track just crying out for some stock!

Very low cloud!

Re: CRAG Meeting 22 November 2018

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:29 am
by SteamAle
If you look behind the hammer resting on the track you will see s somewhat overgrown locomotive and chauldron wagons!
These are O gauge and the wagons are the first of my ready to run models to go on the market. They are Maryport & Carlisle ones so I don't expect a rush of orders. I needed 40 or 50 for my model of Aspatria so it made sense to go into production with them.
Latest thoughts are that I should release them in 4mm scale as well but shortage of time precludes this at the moment, unless lots of pre-orders come in!