CRAG Meeting 27 October 2018

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CRAG Meeting 27 October 2018

Postby SteamAle » Mon May 13, 2019 9:21 am

A Saturday saw us travel down the M6, or by other routes for our, what seems to be, annual visit to operate, well try to, Mike Norris's layout, Preston.
It is amazing the changes that have taken place since our first visit many years ago now. Signal box plans have appeared as have lots of block instruments. This time saw a change to the timetable since our last visit.

For myself I found it difficult having to use reading glasses to see the timetable but not for operating the signalbox lever frame or block instruments. I only use them for close work so they do not sit easily with me and it caused me lots of problems, as did the timetable change. I was expecting certain shunt movements to take place, which had been changed, and I ended up messing things up and causing a number of delays. Fortunately we were operating pre-privatisation so I did not have to pay any financial penalties for delays to other trains!

Time just seemed to fly in and before we know it time for tea arrived and the usual debrief around the table and lots of other craic.
As ever Mike made certain that a couple of regular operators were present to help us novices out and see that we tried to do things properly their help is very much appreciated
Our thanks as always go to Mike but especially Elaine who provides all the refreshments both during the operating session and afterwards.
it is surprising how tiring having to concentrate for four hours plus can be so i was pleased that I only hard to drive for part of the home journey.

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