CRAG Meeting 13 September 2018

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CRAG Meeting 13 September 2018

Postby SteamAle » Mon May 13, 2019 8:43 am

A bright sunny day saw six CRAGies venture out to the North West tip of Cumbria, Skinburness, to visit Bob Hetherington.
Having grouped together we went into Silloth to visit the Golf Club for a light lunch, or not so light in some cases! The club was founded by the North British Railway so there is a very good connection for us, especially as Bob had been both Captain and Treasurer during his time playing golf there.
Bob has been working for many years on his Stockton & Darlington layout based on a 'might have been' location of Garrigill in P4. Nearly everything has been scratch built. The locomotives are painted using cellulose and the colour is the best match that Bob could get. He has a lifetimes supply and as he is coming to the end of the locomotives he plans to model he should not run out. Regular readers will know that Bob has produced numerous models for Burnt Island.
At one point in the proceedings an interloper was seen on the layout!


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