CRAG Meeting, 14 September, 2017

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CRAG Meeting, 14 September, 2017

Postby Ian Everett » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:50 pm

Another well attended meeting saw nine of us (Chris and Jean King, Phil and Sheila Tuer, David Dredge, Stuart de Boer, Ron Tyler, myself and my wife Betsy) enjoying lunch at the Kings Arms followed by another operating session on Bradford North Western.

This time we used the block instrments to control the trains (although it is arguable that shouting across the room was nearly as efficient and that working signals for the drivers to obey would have been of greater benefit.)

The recent major advances on BNW were the point motors and small geographical panel that now allow the fiddle yard to be operated remotely, and the completion of the bridging section which connects the fiddle yard to the goods yard. There are thus now two complete circuits which allow two trains to circulate continuously. This is not used for timetable operation but is useful to run-in locos and test cv settings etc. (and to play!

Here are some photos, courtesy of Phil Tuer:

Ian operating the fiddle yatd with the new bridging section in the foreground and the cassette store in the background

CRAG Sept 17 6.jpg

Chris and Ron in animated conversation. Sheila might or might not be listening?

CRAG Sept 17 4.jpg

David, Bradford NW "Bobby"

CRAG Sept 17 2.jpg

Phil's Deltic crosses Mill Gill viaduct

CRAG Sept 17 1.jpg

The next meetings will be:

Thurs 12th October - Steve Paulin’s at Kirkby Stephen (Steve will be showing developments on his fiddle yard.)

Sat 25th November - Mike Norris’s to operate Preston (limited numbers)

Thurs 14th December - Tony Gee’s to operate Buckingham Great Central (fully-booked but “reserves" welcome)

If you live in the Cumbria/North Yorkshire area and would like to join us please contact me - details at

Ian Everett

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