CRAG Meeting 11/9/14

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CRAG Meeting 11/9/14

Postby Ian Everett » Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:02 am

We had a most enjoyable meeting a week ago at Bob Hetherington's house in remote Cumbria. Only four attended - Chris King, Phil Tuer, myself and Bob - but lack of quantity was made up for by quality.

The weather was wonderful, sunny, cloudless and balmy, which set the tone for the day - not one for great exertion.

We first had lunch at Silloth Golf Club, which is one of the best links courses in Britain - one of the main sources of traffic for the NBR there, which company also built most of the town (apparently without permission). A long, leisurely and excellent lunch!

After watching the maneouverings of a ship in Silloth Dock, and hearing about Bob's earlier life in the Merchant Navy, we returned to Bob's house to play trains. Bob is a superb scratch builder and there was much to admire in his wonderful models of Stockton and Darlington Railway locos and stock. Especially noted was the superb finish to the paint work - the S&D green being derived from an obscure, ancient Vauxhall car enamel. Much of Bob's paints, primers and undercoats are obtained from friends in the motor trade - hardly a pot of Humbrol to be seen.

Then it was time for afternoon tea in his sun-trap garden, from which we never really escaped, the rest of the day being spent enjoying the late summer and good conversation. Then it was on to the the long journey back to Wensleydale - two hours, much on B roads, as they either built our houses or the motorways in the wrong places. I suppose the same issue must be a problem for such as the Scottish AGs but CRAG does cover a very wide area, with Silloth and Wensleydale being at opposite limits of our territory.

Many thanks to Bob and Olga for making us so welcome.

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