CRAG Meeting 10/10/13

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CRAG Meeting 10/10/13

Postby Ian Everett » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:24 pm

At our meeting yesterday our four intrepid operators - Stu, Chris, Bob and Ron - helped de-bug Clecklewyke in preparation for Scalefour North. It may be six months away but I want to be absolutely sure the railway works well before worrying about the final details - there are 40 tasks in my project plan spreadsheet still to address.

I think it was a pretty successful meeting:

- we all enjoyed purselves (except poor Bob who had to go home unwell - I hope he recovers quickly and they sort out his robotic control mechanism soon!)
- there were very few derailments - mostly due to stock not being on the cassettes properly before being cast out into the cold harsh world that is Clecklewyke's trackwork
- we all learnt a lot - I hope that does not deter protential operators for S4 North!
- we identified some specific problems with stock, such as the "Austin Seven's" jerkiness - probably due to something catching
- we had an excellent lunch at the Crown
- it was good just to meet up and enjoy each others' company.

The main thing we did not do was to learn the block instruments. It seemed to be quite enough just to work out how to set up trains on cassettes and run them to provide an intensive "service" but it would have been good to get some practice in before trying out the controls for Mike Norris' Preston at our group's visit in a couple of weeks. Next time we meet in Askrigg we'll try block instruments and the timetable. That might be in December because we will probably be meeting in Cumbria next time - more details later.

I think I can now go on with completing the detailing of the layout and its stock and building a few new wagons, coaches and a loco or two, confident that the layout will perform well on the day. I just wish, though, that we could have a trial session at a local exhibition before the big one!

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