CRAG Meeting 10/8/13

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CRAG Meeting 10/8/13

Postby Ian Everett » Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:11 pm

Yesterday we met at Tom Foster's house in Aysgarth - our furthest eastern meeting yet. We comprised Chris King, Steve Griffiths and Phil Tuer from Carlisle, Ron Tyler from somewhere in Upper Swaledale and Tom and myself from Wensleydale. Are we the most scattered British group?

Ron's wife, Patsy, joined us for lunch in the excellent George and Dragon, following which the men went to play with Tom's Leaman Road layout - a fine evocation of an ECML loco yard in the early fifties. Tom is carefully building up a roster of all the locos which would have been seen at York during his period and he clearly likes Pacifics, having models of, I believe, every class of LNER's ace express locos.

I did not have my camera, so I am hoping that other attendees can post some photos of the meeting. Leaman Road can be seen here

and here

Patsy returned after some retail therapy in the metropolis of Leyburn (there's not much chance of that in Upper Swaledale!) for the tea break, when we enjoyed some superb scones and flap-jacks, kindly made for us by Tom's father, Bernard.

Chris King then gave me two superb trees for Clecklewyke - his wife's rejects. If these are her rejects...

I've planted the larger of these on Clecklewyke and posted a couple of photos of it here: ... try1124242

Many thanks to Tom and Bernard for hosting the meeting.


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