Glevum Group Meeting

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Glevum Group Meeting

Postby barrowroad » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:45 am

It's been a while since the group posted anything on this forum so for a change here is an update.
The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month and alternates venues between Blakeney and Tewkesbury.
We have around 16 group members from a wide area including Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Gwent and Donegal. New members are always welcome.
The retired members of the group have regular work sessions at Blakeney on Thursdays upgrading the group layout Brinkeley - proving to be a long job:-)

Last nights meeting at my place in Tewkesbury was attended by 11 members - not the first tuesday due to the New Year - where we had our our usual convivial get together to exchange information and show examples of models and modelling.
Mike Garwood's Royal Scot has had a heavy general at Morgan's and was put through it's paces on my Barrow Road layout - the section that operates:-)
Gerry Beale brought along his lovely Dean Goods, and Paul a selection of superb locos and rolling stock resplendent in LMS livery. Unfortunately these are all still OO so Paul has some conversion work to do.
John Darch has loaned his Britannia 70018 Flying Dutchman - see MRJ - and is photographed with 4 of Morgan's converted Bachmann Mk1.
IMG_20170110_180346584 (1280x720).jpg
IMG_20170110_213043960 (1280x720).jpg
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Mike Garwood
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Re: Glevum Group Meeting

Postby Mike Garwood » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:11 pm

Great to catch up with everyone last night. A huge thank you to Morgan for all the work on the gearbox that failed and the correction of the wobbly wheels. It ran beautifully.

But the real stars last night were a result of some cheque book flexing - ain't knocking it, just dead jealous - step forward Paul Hutfield and his beautiful brassmaster engines. Seriously class engines in LMS colours - a patriot and jubilee - I hesitate to say in Lake?
Anyway, fabulous evening and great company and of course Robin's Barrow Road never fails to impress and is moving in an orderly fashion to completion.

Thanks to Robin and Liz for their continued hospitality.


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