East of Scotland AGM 2017

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East of Scotland AGM 2017

Postby Lindsay G » Mon May 15, 2017 4:10 pm

The East of Scotland 4mm Group held its AGM yesterday. None of the agenda items caused great controversy nor sent anyone to sleep but we'll not bother going through the agenda here as it would certainly provoke some slumber on the Forum. Attendance at the AGM was slightly down this year but there were credible apologies from normal stalwarts.

AGM 2017.jpg
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Normally the meeting is held theatre style but this year we had it more informally around a few tables with positive comments so far. Around the table in clockwise direction from the left are David Goodwillie, Ian Terrell, David Orr, Bob Hetherington, Alasdair Taylor, Charles Davidson, Jim Pairman, Allan Ferguson, Chris Gough, Richard Darby, James Batchelor, Allan Goodwillie, Fergus Duncan, Bruce Murray, Lindsay Galloway, Chris McCarthy, and Jim MacKenzie. Ray Nolton is behind the lens, and Sara Marshall was a later arrival.

After the AGM there was voting on members' models with 4 prizes up for grabs. It's quite evident that such decisions require a lot more consideration than referenda on Brexit or Independence, and General or Local Elections.

Decision time.jpg
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And then it was on to presentation of prizes. Bob Hetherington walked off with the Danish Spike awarded entirely at the whim of the Chairman but generally to the most deserving of the award (or least troublesome during the year). Bob received it for being the epitomy of a group player over the years always willing to assist others with build of items, turning brass items and so on - and being a regular attendee despite being our eldest statesman and living furthest from our meeting hall. Below he's receiving the Locomotive Cup for his NBR engine which, rather coincidentally, appears on the rear cover of Snooze that fell through my front door this very morning.


And the winner is.jpg
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