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Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:47 pm
by mike_t_norris
A small group of intrepid modellers met on the 19th March, for what appears to be the last meeting for some time. There were 5 members present and apologies from three.

Amongst those present was a new member Geoff Mather, who is just rekindling a desire to build his railway following retirement. Although it was not quite our usual meeting, I hope there was enough discussion and encouragement that he will come along once more when the current lock-down situation abates.

As there was nothing brought along to run I have added a couple of shots of my recently completed big engine, all I need now is the nerve to weather it!

As mentioned we decided to cancel the next two meeting which will take us to the 18th June, which is a host event at Anthony Millers, Lowton St. Mary layout, let’s hope things start to return to normality before then. If there are any changes to this plan I will update the forum to advise.

Please stay safe and do a bit of model building!


Re: Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:04 pm
by dcockling
Too magnificent to weather Mike 8-)

Re: Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:24 pm
by Terry Bendall
dcockling wrote:Too magnificent to weather Mike

Very much so. A brilliant job. Perhaps it has come straight off the shed after the cleaners have been at it. :)

Terry Bendall

Re: Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:14 pm
by Andy W
Agreed, wonderful work.

Re: Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:02 pm
by mike_t_norris
Thank you - very kind comments - still think it needs a bit of weathering, especially after travelling to Preston from Euston.
Now have to build another one, this time a long firebox version!

Re: Fylde Area Group (March 2020)

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 1:53 pm
by mike_t_norris
I had a mail from Chris Penlenton asking about the origin of the Princess, so here are a few details.

It started quite a few years back after seeing John Holden (of Lime Street fame) taking one of the later Hornby bodies and grafting it on to a Comet chassis, so having started the Comet chassis and basically getting it to negotiate my 3 foot 9 inch curves, which actually for such a long engine was not too much of a problem (until later!) as the is bags of space at the front end. The project as usual went on the back burner.

Scaleforum, a couple of years ago, featured a couple of Princesses built from the Judith Edge scratch build aids. So I revisited it after acquiring the same.
So the Comet chassis was over laid with parts of the Judith Edge frame and the trucks built and used. It is split axle and although using Sharman wheels and was a real pain to get running without wobble, Chris and I have spend several Scalefourm's discussing wheel wobble and concentricity! But the real problem was letting the shorting wire for the tyres into the wheel hub with out distorting it, eventually settling on etch brass shorting straps on the back of the wheels and redressing the original wheel hubs to clean up the distortion after measuring (see my Blog last year about the wheel measuring and checking kit) to find the best wheels for the leading and trailing axles with the worst on the centre axle she eventually runs lovely and true - yippee!

Anyway as for the rest of the loco the running plate is the Judith Edge item, the king motion bracket etc started off as scratch built for the original build overlaid with the Edge bits. The running plate needed filling in around the firebox area as this engine was a short F/B loco, the boiler is still the Hornby; not one of the old ones but about 10 years back they re-tooled it to give an accurate rendition albeit with a gaping hole in bottom of the boiler, I used John Holden's trick of getting a spare boiler to fill the gap in underneath, after separating the boiler from the cab and running plate very carefully, ended up with a separately removable boiler. The only issue was that the firebox tended to spring together at the bottom once removed from the footplate, it needed a reinforced lower front section to sort that. The lower parts of the firebox below the running plate are sperate items screwed to the frames.

The cab is the Edge offering and the backhead out of the Hornby body, the tender is Comet, lots of scratch built parts to suit a 1938 loco, front bogie support brackets, cylinder guide covers, sand box pots (early covers), steam pipe, reversing rod, main pipes on boiler, top part of motion bracket etc. etc. Shorts were a problem especially around the splashers (very tight) and brakes around the front truck on my tight curves, eventually lining the splashers with thin Teflon sheet and judicious removal of metal to gain clearance. Both truck are sprung as per my deep springing technique.

Motor is Mashima driving through a High Level road runner on an extender to the rear axle - all nicely out of the way. Zimo DCC chip with Youchoos sound project of the actual engine (albeit with a air pump).

I've got a long boiler version to do at some point and will use the same technique, the current/later Hornby, covers the long boiler version.