Novembers' monthly meeting

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Novembers' monthly meeting

Postby Mike Garwood » Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:43 pm

A really good meeting again this month, with a decision taken for the Naggers to help with LMJ in the shape of getting the fiddle yard up and running. This means the good folk of NMRS will have to get the design briefs finished, so as the Naggers have something to work off. It also means that there are opportunities to learn how to lay P4 track and how to put together 20 odd points for the fiddle yard.
Mike Edmunds brought Cwm Du with him to update us with progress and the busy lad has being laying track and making points from the Exactoscale range. Mike talked about the signalling employed on this line and brought along some illustrations to show what he had in mind for the layout. He also showed that he had a problem with gauge widening on some of the already laid track - fortunately there are some really skilled people in this department and were able to put Mike and the track work to rights...showing how an area group should work!

MIke and Cwm Du.jpg

At long last I've managed to finish the build and paint job for Mike for a pair of coaches that he wanted built for his own layout. They don't look too bad if you don't look too closely.

LMS rest.jpg

LMS vest third.jpg

Steffan Lewis jumped to my aid as I'd bought a lining pen to do my coaches that I'd built. I'm useless at lining sheets either from Presfix or Fox transfers - waterslide. So, Mr Lewis took the pen in hand and managed - after a considerable battle - to get 2 straight edges drawing from the pen. My main problem was having seen Ian Rathbone doing it and read the book I was inspired to have a go. Got hold of Haff - his lining pen of choice - and found that they don't make the pen that Ian currently uses any more. So, I bought an Ecobra, still an expensive piece of kit £35. But could not get satisfactory lines with it...until now. Thank you so much Steffan for the hard work that you put in to get it going.

Steffan and the pen.jpg

Mr Lewis's good work had not finished there for the evening either, he had sold one of his Standard class 4 beauties to my good friend Dave Hagger, which has been numbered and finished - not that I'm envious of course!!

Daves new engine.jpg

Always finish on a high! It's also good to hear that Bernie has had his eye operation and this has been a complete success, we wish Bernie a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at the next meeting on 30/12. This will be a social evening with the lads from NMRS, with food and drinks provided and the 7mm test track will be up to run some really wonderful engines on.

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