A few meetings to catch up on...

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A few meetings to catch up on...

Postby Mike Garwood » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:32 am

Having a full time job is a real drag sometimes as it gets in the way of the important bits of life...like writing up the latest meetings of the NAGNAG group. So, without further ado this is what we've been up to in the last couple of months.

In September, Tony Comber marshalled his men together for a meeting in Newport. Steve Neill gave a splendid talk on DCC, how it worked, what it could do and how it can be enhanced. Unfortunately, Steve had to contend with a local band playing next door. For band read guitars!

Sept meeting2.jpg

This is Steve in full presentation mode.
You may recognise some of the visitors from this next photo.

Sept meeting.jpg

With so many in attendance it was standing room only for the hour or so that Steve spoke. We also had the opportunity to view some of Morgan Gilbert's engines. I regret to say that my camera work does not do these fine models any justice at all. Quiet breathtaking both of them.



Workmanship of the highest quality and a pleasure to view. So, my thanks to Tony for arranging the visit, it really has been useful to get to know the 'neighbours', hopefully this will be the first of many occasions when we get together.

For Octobers meeting we settled on a more traditional style of meeting, a good old bring and show. Some of our members have been really busy. We also had a discussion over the focus of the group, what we should like to do in the future months and how a project could be accomplished.
Steffan Lewis brought 2 engines with him - both Standard class 4's - looking for a new home. Again the build quality of these has to be seen to be believed, if anyone wants one, Steffan is asking £200 each. Steffan will also finish them in your chosen livery and number. If you're interested then mail me and I'll forward on to Steffan.

STD cl4 1.jpg

STD cl4 2.jpg

Mike Edmunds has been a very busy chap. Not only building his first P4 layout but also putting together a fully inter locking signal frame. This has been built from an original design.

locking diagram.jpg

And this is the signal frame that Mike has completed so far, real quality stuff, pity he's designed it for his OO layout, but we can forgive him that.

Signal frame.jpg

The group then got to grips with NMRS latest P4 project Little Mill junction. It has to be said this sparked off a fair bit of enthusiasm amongst the group. Especially as this is such a large project. Roughly 40 feet by 18 feet as a tail chaser...but not one person said we were mad, just how can we get involved and when does building commence type of spirit - very encouraging.
So thats what the Naggers have been upto over the last few months.

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