August's meeting

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August's meeting

Postby Mike Garwood » Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:42 pm

A few regular faces missing from this months' meeting. Good to see young Scot back with us after working away for the last 3 months.

My thanks to Dave Hagger for doing so much of the preparation work for this months' meeting. Dave has been hard at work putting together an AJ's shunting test track. Put together using the methods and similar materials as the proposed test track for the Naggers' - designed by Rod Hall.

Board construciion.JPG

AJs testtrack.JPG

Bernie Baker brought with him one of Avonsides jigs for chassis making. First thing Bernie did was to resurrect 2 chassis that had long been given up on. Very nicely they ran to.

Bernies jig.JPG

Mike Edmonds has continued with progress on Cwm Du and has started experimenting with fencing, hes' produced a jig that'll allow mass production and the first batch look the part.

Mike jig.JPG

Septembers meeting will see Steve Neill give a talk on DCC and we will also enjoy the company of the Glevum group at this event...looking forward to that.

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