Eileens Emporium Newsletter June 2018

For new product announcements, recommendations, reviews and sourcing. Must be relevant to society members.
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Eileens Emporium Newsletter June 2018

Postby derekrussan » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:44 pm

We have been very busy adding all of our exciting new products to the website. We are pleased to have more excellent products to offer you. This has taken priority over writing newsletters, so sorry for the long gap. We have also been updating the website to meet the new GDPA regulations and generally trying to keep our customers happy.


No doubt you will have been bombarded with emails from companies asking you to re-subscribe to their emails etc. We have always adopted policies that are broadly in line with the latest regulations so we do not see the need to do this.

We have updated our policy statement on the website, but broadly:

We treat your personal data with the respect it deserves.

We do not keep credit card details for longer than necessary. Web orders use third party payment processing services (currently Paypal and Worldpay) and Card data is not received by us.

This is an opt in newsletter, all recipients in some form requested to be sent this. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

We do not sell, give or otherwise pass on any customer details other than as needed to satisfy the order.


We have no product specific news, but are pleased to say that we were invited to be one of 2 traders attending the review meeting held after the Kettering show. I will leave it for the guild to announce the outcome, but can say that the meeting was very open and discussed thoroughly all aspects of the problems associated with the show.


We will be attending the scalefour Society AGM on 9th June in Huddersfield. Please note we are taking a very limited range so please per-order if at all possible.

We will have Parkside and Cambrian Kits, Wheels, Transfers, 10 packs of straight wires, BA Nuts and Bolts.

We will not have the usual range of tools, metal sections, adhesives, solders etc.


We are now stocking Cambrian Models 4mm kits. This business changed hands about a year ago and the new owner is not planning to attend shows, so we are helping to fill that void. He is struggling to keep up with manufacture, and is working very hard to get the full range into stock. We are taking regular deliveries and trying to keep the website in line with what is actually in stock. These come without wheels so we have expanded the range of Gibson wheels we keep to include 10 Spoke, Disc Brake and Lowmac to cover the additional requirements of this range.

In the last newsletter we announced that we would be supplying Parkside and selected other products from Peco. We now have in depth stock of all 4mm kits, reasonable stocks of 2mm kits and accessories, 4mm and 7mm accessories. We have limited stocks of 7mm kits and will build these up after the summer, but all are available to order subject to stock at Peco.

Peco have commissioned Transfers from Modelmasters for all the 4mm kits. We have these on the website and are awaiting images and stock, all due immanently. As we understand it these are designed to be one sheet per wagon, with pre and post nationalisation (at least on most GW wagons). We will know more when we see the stock or get the images. We are still stocking the original MM8xxx series of transfers which typically have enough for more than one wagon.

It seems logical that we should stock the HMRS range of transfers, which we have started to do and have a few in stock. We intend to stock the whole range, but will build it up progressively.

Gibson wagon and coach wheels are available by the axles or in packs of 2 axles with bearings (one wagon), 8 axles with bearings at a small discount or 20 axles with bearings at about 10% off (effectively free bearings).

By popular demand, we now have in stock vacuum formed architectural sheets from South Eastern Finecast. We are waiting for some samples so that we can take decent photos to illustrate these products.

To conclude what seems a never ending list of new products we are also stocking many of the Springside detailing parts.

Albion Alloys have added some finer grade abrasive sticks to their range which we have in stock.


We are continuing to develop the new exhibition stand. The changes will happen progressively. We will have more open space at one end of the stand and many more products displayed on vertical racking. You may have to look wider than usual to find things. We hope you like it and will look forward to hearing your feedback.


We plan to have all new products at all exhibitions, except we will not be taking 2mm and 4mm kits to Guildex. Please see the note above about the Scalefour Society AGM

Full details of all our other products are on our website.

Derek, Anita, Matt and Judith.

Forthcoming Exhibitions:

Do not forget that you can beat the queues at shows by pre-ordering through the website. There is a checkout option for this. You can choose to pay through the website or on collection. Please state in the 'Comments' box which show you wish to collect the order from.

Please allow at least 1 week for pre-orders, 2 weeks for Ally Pally, Guildex - Telford, Scaleforum, Railex, Expo EM, York and Warley. Also please allow 2 to 3 weeks for orders of Parkside Kits.

A full list of shows is on our website http://www.eileensemporium.com

9 June Scalefour Society AGM. Members only http://www.scalefour.org
23/24 June Perth http://www.perthmrc.com/page4.htm
11/12 August Wellshttp://railwells.com/railway-show/railwells-show-2017/
1/2 September Guildex Telford http://www.gauge0guild.com/
8/9 September Expo EM North http://www.emgs.org/
22/23 September Scaleforum Aylesbury http://www.scalefour.org
6/7 October Wigan https://www.wiganfrm.co.uk/exhibition
Derek Russan, Eileens Emporium.

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Re: Eileens Emporium Newsletter June 2018

Postby Horsetan » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:27 pm

derekrussan wrote:…. our website http://www.eileensemporium.com....

Looks like the website is down, as I'm currently getting a "403 Access forbidden" message.
That would be an ecumenical matter.

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Re: Eileens Emporium Newsletter June 2018

Postby CornCrake » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:32 pm

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Re: Eileens Emporium Newsletter June 2018

Postby derekrussan » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:37 pm

Sorry, site is down to protect against a security breach. The tech guy is working on it.

It will be up as soon as possible.
Derek Russan, Eileens Emporium.

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