Hollar Posters available from Wizard

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Hollar Posters available from Wizard

Postby tmcsean » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:34 pm

Wizard Models have taken on the distribution and sale of the OO and O gauge ranges of wagon posters produced by Hollar Models. Wizard will be selling Hollar posters at the many exhibitions they attend, and also online on their new web site at http://www.wizardmodels.ltd

These posters were a everyday sight on British Railways in the steam and early diesel periods, and almost every main line and pick-up goods train of the period showed at least one example. They give a splash of colour and authenticity on otherwise drab bauxite vans.

The range includes the newly introduced Theme Packs. These give a range of different posters covering different types of railway traffic: Bananas, Cement, Textiles and Carpets, Animal Feed, Fertiliser and The Rest.

The full range of 20 single-company packs is also available and covers. I have produced all the posters from the BR steam era for which I have found decent photographs. Many of them have been based on dimensioned drawings taken from actual posters at the time by Geoff Kent and Don Rowlands, which they generously sent me.

Fyffes Bananas (2 types). Geest Bananas (2 types),

Blue Circle Cement, Earles Cement, Ribble Cement

Silcocks Animal Feed, BOCM Animal Feed

ICI Fertilizer, Fison's Basic Slag Fertilizer

Cyril Lord Carpets, Youghal Carpets, Paton's Wool

Lowe's Carta Carna Dog Food, Spratt's Dog Food

Metal Box

Carr's Biscuits

. . . and also the Parcels Mail and a selection of destination labels - both stuck all over parcels vans during this period

If you have any questions about the range, or know of other posters that could be added I will be happy to hear from you.


Tony McSeán
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