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High Level Motors Situation...

Postby High Level Kits » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:20 am

I’d just like to update customers on the motor situation, especially those with on-going orders.

Initially, I was given an estimated shipping date of around mid March for the current batch, but this was subsequently moved on to mid April. Now, it’s not looking like that’s going to happen either and, with the time it takes for our super-efficient Customs to handle things factored in (see above) it’s now looking increasingly unlikely I’ll have them in time for Expo EM (13 & 14 May) although I’m still hoping otherwise...

I’d just like to let anyone who’s ordered motors know, that I haven’t’ forgotten about them. I won’t be taking any money from anyone’s account, until the orders are ready to go, unless the motors were ordered at S4 North and this was agreed at the time.

The delivery dates I gave to customers when they ordered were based on the information I had and, at the time, I had no reason to doubt this. I’ve tried to contact the supplier in Japan for a revised delivery estimate, but have had nothing back yet... I think things may be a bit ‘up in the air’ over there.

I will update you on the situation as soon as it changes, or if I get any more info from Japan. It's a bugger, and it's causing me no end of headaches, but my hands are tied. I Do appreciate your patience, and apologies for the delay.

Chris Gibbon.

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