What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

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Re: What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

Postby essdee » Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:35 am

And we are still awaiting the invited indication of costs of the originally postulated 'about-half priced' version of the fish van - clearly to be equivalently detailed as Justin's own explanation - to back up the original poster's assertion.

THEN...and only then (Sorry Iain K; but you don't have to follow this thread, choice is yours, 'fraid), are most of US likely to move on?

In genuinely eager anticipation,


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Re: What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

Postby PeteT » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:39 pm

Paul Hutfield wrote:[ The price has been set with a lot of careful thought so that it covers the cost of production whilst remaining as affordable as possible to the customer base.


Further to Paul's comment on price setting with respect to the market, Justin has also put in a lot of effort while designing the kit so that it is the best compromise between cost and ease of construction, while meeting his criteria for prototype fidelity. The roof could have been brass, 3D printed, or (as it is) resin cast. Each has a different associated cost, and a different amount of work by the end user building the kit.

He has specifically not gone out and purchased the bits that are already on the market so that you arent paying his overhead for placing MJT orders, holding the stock, and repackaging said stock into his kit. It also allows you to use other alternatives without throwing bits away.

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Re: What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

Postby ChrisMitchell » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:25 pm

I've just caught up with this thread. The price of these particular kits is entirely fine with me - I ordered 2 at S4N on Sunday after Justin had sold out. I know that the pleasure I will get constructing these is more than worth the price. I just hope I will do them justice.

BTW I also recently purchased one of Phil Sutton's Class 24 locos. Also well worth the money, and another project that needs our support for pushing back the boundaries of the possible


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Re: What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

Postby Knuckles » Tue May 24, 2016 10:28 pm

I have just had the pleasure of reading all 4 pages of this debacle/debate/conflab/discussion in one hit over a cup of Earl Grey and Jasmine with much amusment and interest. Highly entertaining and informative all at once. So even though this thread wasn't created for the benefit of some weird tea supping monkey, I feel the need or want to actually thank you all collectively for a relaxing hour!

I haven't built one of Justins' kits and for my own personal pocket £40 is a lot for a van, but it is all relative and opinion when it comes to costs to some degree. Having been constantly 'wowed' seeing the pictures in these forums of the kits, the intricate and fine perfection is the best I think I have ever seen, so to that end I look forward to building one in the (hopefully near) future as I'm building my own kits at the moment but looking forward to having a break and doing something different.

More tea!

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Re: What is a reasonable price for a 2 axle etched wagon kit?

Postby David B » Wed May 25, 2016 7:41 pm

Why are we modellers following this hobby? We are all interested trains. There are those that buy them ready made, some who do so in order to change what they buy and then there are those who are interested in the technicalities and skills needed to create something.

I am very much in the last category. I suspect many of you reading this Forum are as well. I really enjoy the challenge of making a kit, coming to the end and looking at what I have created. I have the model but also the satisfaction of having conquered the skills needed to make it, which I will take on to make something else. I strive to improve with each kit I make, ultimately getting a collection of models I have made and of which I can be proud.

Like anyone, I like a bargain and if I can get a challenging model for a price I feel is cheap, whoopee. However, if we really do enjoy making things, how much does the initial cost really matter? I think it great to have something material I can look at and keep. Of course, for some people the cost is important, but when I was a young, penurious student and novice worker, I saved for what I wanted and treasured it all the more when I finally had enough to buy it. Accumulating models was a slow business but one which made you think about what you were doing and appreciate what you were making.

Our kit suppliers keep us in occupation, for which I thank them. There are easier kits for beginners and complicated kits for the more experienced. I appreciate the challenges the kit makers give us and thank them over and over again. I sometimes curse them as well when faced with something particularly difficult, but isn't the feeling good when you overcome the challenge?

What price do you put on pleasure, satisfaction, success, overcoming challenges, learning skills and then having something to look at at the end?

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