"West of Scotland Group's "Starters" Build a loco part 2

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Re: "West of Scotland Group's "Starters" Build a loco part 2

Postby Allan Goodwillie » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:34 am

Following on from the above. :)

Having been asked recently about when the index might be forthcoming I have to admit that I cannot find enough time to do this properly, however I have been offered some help to get some form of index or headings done, a full index it is a fairly major task although it could be done as "chapters" covering each part of the thread. I do know from conversations at exhibitions that some people have downloaded the whole thing and I was wondering if anyone had already made an index or even made a list of Chapter headings and content within already and might be willing to help here. Suggestions anyone? I will post this on the other 2 threads as well. If responding it will only need a response from one of the three loco building threads.

Allan :)

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