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Re: Chassis for a J50

Postby Proto87Stores » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:27 pm

Will L wrote:Re: Chassis for a J50 Topic.

Not sure the problem is significantly different when adjusting the body height on a compensated chassis either. While you may well want to adjust any failure to sit level by tweaking a beam, adjusting the overall height of the model that already sits level is much more of a problem. If you have a fixed axle then you're right back to adjusting the fit betwixt body and chassis. If you have an all axle compensated chassis then you have more than one beam (potentially 3 or more) to worry about and they will all need tweaking to match. It’s probably easier to adjust the fit between body and chassis.

Of course, a (properly designed*) CSB chassis sits level by design. If you have a CSB loco that doesn't, then the diagnostic choice is between the body/chassis fit or that the Centre of Gravity is significantly out of place. It shouldn't be too hard to locate the CofG which will tell which one you are dealing with.

*If you’re a bodge-myster and have been guessing/adjusting fulcrum placements by instinct, then I'm afraid you’re on your own.

I have come up with this 10 point summary of how you get a CSB fitted loco sitting level with the right buffer heights, which, to ease of future reference I've given a thread of its own.

FWIW, Compensation is a loosely general, almost anything fits the descriptions, chassis technique, which can include all the issues you mention.

However, If constructing a rigid beam, fully equalized chassis, as per my earlier posts, there would never be any fixed axles and similarly the body height would automatically set correctly in the design stage and would not be easily changeable. No beam tweaking would be necessary for pre-etched beams contained within pre-etched hollows in the two layer sandwich etched side frames. The only thing slowing down a demonstration, is the (rather precious, not already committed) time cycle of chassis CAD design to match and properly integrate with my existing commercial N7 et al body kits and the usual etch implementations, but with the additional cross pond shipping delays.

I do have old Kitmaster kits for the 9F and BR Standard 2-6-0. So, if I live long enough ;), I should be able to knock up chassis for those at some point and a couple for the Hornby LNER L1's, although I will need to obtain some extra P4 wheels for the BR standards.


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