The importance of the name game

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The importance of the name game

Postby Proto87Stores » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:46 am

RE: Re: P4 vs S4 - Pro's and con's

"The thing which makes me see red is when someone changes from the specified P4 dimensions, but still calls it P4. It's great that folks derive their own variant dimensions, but don't call it P4. Give it some other name of your own. If the check gauge is not 18.15mm min or the back to back is some preferred variant from the published standard, it is not P4. Call it P4-GTX or PBeansOnToast or whatever you like, but not P4.

Otherwise it is not fair to beginners trying to understand the basics, and spreads misinformation in the published record for decades to come.



I just wanted to say from outside the cociety, that I heartily agree with the above sentiment. Major, well recognized and well understood standards such as 00 and HO frequently define both a gauge and scale, and there is an implied interchangeability if some variation which changes either or both, use the same name as part of their title. In my HO world, that's even been done deliberately, for the worst of reasons, solely to attract unsuspecting newcomers.


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