Bufferstops for PeteScR

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Dave Franks

Bufferstops for PeteScR

Postby Dave Franks » Sat May 02, 2015 10:57 am

Hi Pete, are you modelling Scottish region? If you are then you have an answer to your dilemma. Both the NB and the Caley had bufferstops or stopblocks that weren't attached to the siding rails (unlike Mikes Models which are incorrect) but were sat outside the the rails and went underground to a second set of rails and sleepers two or three feet down, the actual siding stopped short of the bufferbeam and wasn't attached to the stopblock. Lanarkshire Models BS06 CR or BS10 NB stops would suit your purpose and will match your code 75 track, many of the Mikes Models ones were made from code 100 BH rail and also sit 2 mm too high to clear the Tri-ang coupling hook of the day.... Sorry if I appear to be knocking Mikes Models but it was this realization that prompted me to make my own for my layout 'Wharfeside', I then thought I could make the same for everyone, the rest is history....

Dave Franks

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Re: Bufferstops for PeteScR

Postby PeteScR » Tue May 05, 2015 11:18 pm

Thanks Dave,
I have three packs of your BS02 buffer stops that I am looking to modify to fit my already laid track without ripping it up.
The track is laid down with droppers in place and rail end underpinning at board joints where the buffer stops will go.
I am modelling a fictitious location that would suit the ex LMS/BR type of buffer stock.

I had already discounted the Mikes models products for the reason you give.

If its a success I will post it up , if not then ....


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Will L
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Re: Bufferstops for PeteScR

Postby Will L » Wed May 06, 2015 7:51 am

Of course it does depend on location, but I think many companies made use of sleeper faced earth banks where that made sense. These were built to fit on site and could be constructed over the exciting track no trouble at all.

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