Flat bottom rail - advice

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Flat bottom rail - advice

Postby Proto87stores » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:02 pm


The Proto:87 Stores is modelled on the Scalefour Stores and specializes in providing info and parts for accurately modelling US Style Flat bottom track work of all types and eras. Full information freely given on both Prototype and Modelling.
http://www.proto87.com and Yahoo ACCU-TRAK e-list.

Andy Reichert


Re: Flat bottom rail - advice

Postby proto87stores » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:19 pm

Further to the members section discussion:

The Proto:87 Stores "Ultimate" track work design does not need PCB sleepers, nor rail soldering. The majority of our tie plates incorporate dummy spike heads that accurately position and gauge the rails. Those are glued to real wood sleepers (ties) using the tie plate positioning jig that accurately lays out the entire tie plate pattern for a turnout, or plain track. The jig is then removed and the rail glued into the tie plate "slots", and just handful of added scale spikes lock the rail in place permanently.

The Scalefour Society Exhibition Booth had a display of all the Proto:87 Stores "Ultimate" Flat bottom track parts and tools for a year or so around 2000 IIRC. And AFAIK, they may still have them for tucked away somewhere for reference. A full description of the system is described in the NMRA Official "Scale Rails" magazine for 12/2008, ( copy at http://www.proto87.com/The-Ultimate-Track-Story.html ) although "NMRA Warranted", it is actually banned from use in NMRA competitions and training qualifications, because of it's ease of assembly and obtaining realism compared to the NMRA's own recommended coarse scale construction methods. Generally, the NMRA and the US modelling fraternity does not have any interest in realistically modelling track. Their main motivation to lay merely functional track to be able "run trains" in the shortest possible time. Just rail on ties is considered to be a sufficiently scale model.


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