Scalefour North 2020 Retrospective: A Flavour...

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Scalefour North 2020 Retrospective: A Flavour...

Postby John McAleely » Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:37 pm

In an ordinary year, I would have the pleasure of preparing retrospectives for our shows. This year will be different.

Scalefour North this year was presented on the same day as our virtual Scaleforum, as 'A Flavour of Scalefour North'.

I've now placed that page in the more usual place on our website, so that it can be found as part of the Scalefour North series. The content there remains the same. This will allow us to straightforwardly host the material permanently. I imagine we will do something similar with the 'Scaleforum 2020' material.

The technically minded might like to know that no URLs were harmed in this move, so any bookmarks, etc, that you set up last week will still work!

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