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DCC Gremlins

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 11:37 pm
by Knuckles
'Ello! :thumb

I got the most illogical issue with this DCC layout I'm building.

It is Z21 powered with Circuitron Smail point motors.

Knapford Junction section of the layout is wired and working....except I did have an issue with Gordon the other week.

It is a Hornby A1 Great Northern chassis (with Brittania Cylinders & Black 5 valve gear) with Hornby 8 pin plug in decoder. It's mostly fine but a while back turnout #7 stopped firing when that loco was anywhere on the layout, then a couple days later magically was fine.

Finished wiring the layout this evening and finished testing of all turnouts and the 2 chipped loco's and all fine in all movement combinations until....

The gremlin came back randomly it seems but now when Gordon is on the layout, instead of #7, point motor #3 stops working.

The green turnout icon moves on the Z21 app' but the point doesn't fire up, remove that particular loco from the tracks and it's fine again. :? :shock:

I don't get it.

? Weird. :idea:


Extra Bumf:

I've been building the new layout, The North Western Railway. Knapford Junction section, you may have seeen my posts planning it years ago.

It sadly is in 00 purely for one reason, and that is after around 7 years of constant planning and over (literally) 100 Anyrail saves that have been themselves saved several times and a few Templot plans I finally gave up trying to fit it in the 18ft x 11ft loft space; the curves HAVE to be unreasonably (in P4) tight to fit everything in.

I did radius tests on my P4 loco's and no problem, issue is the large outside cylinder loco's have got no chance so reluctantly I've submitted to 00 for this layout.

Being 00 is why I have not bothered posting it on Scalefour, so I've been quiet on these forums lately mainly for that.

There is a 13ft x 2ft space above I want to do a P4 one on so all is not lost.

Re: DCC Gremlins

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 7:09 pm
by Knuckles
Ah well, sorted it. Replaced the Hornby loco chip with a DCC Concepts Zen Black Mini V12.

Now it doesn't interfere with the point motors. Still no idea why it was happening but there you go.