PenBits Sprung Bogies for LMS 10000/1 Twins

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PenBits Sprung Bogies for LMS 10000/1 Twins

Postby ianpenberth » Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:56 pm

I've had these on sale for a few weeks, but have been waiting for a full stock of production etches which are now packed and ready to go. A second commission build has also provided a few refinements to the instructions.

Details are on the website via this link, as are the instructions in pdf or html formats. I've repeated some of the photos here for completeness...


The bogies can be built as electrically insulated 'split-frames' to make use of the Branchlines stub-axle conversion sets, or normal 2mm axles can be used with the gear-muffs modified to suit.


Spot the deliberate error with the posing of the inner wheelset in this photo. Still, at least it shows that the suspension works. Cosmetically, there's more daylight under the bogie to match the profiles of the gubbins within. The Bachmann detail is retained: the brake gear needs to be moved outwards a tad, while etched supports are supplied to allow the secondary spring hangers to be moved inboard where they belong. This makes quite a difference to the look of the loco, comparing its former OO self (below, left) with its P4 conversion (below, right).


On sale now, £35.00 per loco + P&P, or happy to take reservations for S4North, ExpoEM or RailEx (Aylesbury).


(Edited to include price)
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