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Modelu 3D figures

Postby David B » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:39 am

An unashamed plug for Modelu 3D figures which will have a stand at Scaleforum.

Modelu, new on the model railway scene, has done it's first two shows in the last two weekends - Guildex and ExpoEM North - where he sold out of his figures within an hour at Guildex and ran out of some poses at ExpoEM, where I was on the stand helping Alan. He also did scans of people but it was clear he might have done more if people had been better informed and prepared, hence this plug.

The range of figures is evolving and will be quite large in time with new ones in the pipeline.

If you would like a scan, please give it some thought before you come to Scaleforum, not only as to the pose but, if you want any bits of costume, to bring them along with you. Alan has one or two props - a couple of hats, fireman's shovel and perhaps something else someone might lend him, but he cannot bring a complete wardrobe.


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