PenBits Sprung Bogies for Heljan 47 and Lion

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PenBits Sprung Bogies for Heljan 47 and Lion

Postby ianpenberth » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:07 pm

Just to bring things up to date on this forum that the latest additions to the PenBits range are sprung bogie kits for the Heljan Class 47 and Lion models.

You might have thought that the Heljan 47 would have been a similar fit to the Kestrel (well, I did, anyway) but it turned out that a fairly substantial redesign was required. The new kit shares the additional etched brake details with the earlier kits for Kestrel and the Bachmann 47 but, unlike them, takes the weight of the loco on the top plate of the bolster via a plastic card spacer.

The Lion kit is similar in form but does not need the extra detail: the plastic moulded sideframe and brake mouldings are re-used virtually without modification and the kit hides away discreetly inside them.

A mongrel of a test-build with the bolster having the Class 47 secondary spring detail, the subframe having the stretchers and cut-down outriggers for the Lion sideframe mouldings.

Lion fitted with sprung bogie.

Other news: I'm hoping to release kits for the Heljan Falcon and Bachmann LMS 10000 locos before the end of the year. Further info on the website: (follow the links from the 'Latest News' noticeboard panel on the home page).

First test-build of the LMS 10000 sprung bogie kit. Featuring split-frames for electrical pickup on all wheels via stub axles, this simply fits into the loco chassis block and is retained by the single central screw as in the originally-supplied model.
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