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Poppy's Railway Products

Postby Flymo748 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:27 am

Good morning all,

Some time ago we received some information through the Contact Form on the Society website regarding a new range of products to help modellers.

"I would like to introduce the Poppy’s range of model Railway kits to you.

Poppy’s started supplying kits to the hobby during 2013, and following customer’s feedback and encouragement have expanded the original 7mm range into 4mm, and have supplied from 2mm up to gauge 3 as well.

The range consists mainly of laser cut wood kits, focused on recreating items that would have been wooden on the real thing, and helping modellers recreate a wooden touch and feel without the difficult task of painting to look like wood. We continue to receive growing support from our customers confirming to us the value of our products to them. We attach our current 4mm information sheet which lists our current products with pictures.

Innovations we have delivered to the market are the Poppy’s Modellers Measuring Stick and Ballast Box, currently 00 gauge in 4mm, but Scalefour would be easily available, giving the modeller a range of measures and standards in both tools, which is also adaptable to their own pre-determined layout needs.

Whilst this is a range provided by a modeller for modellers, and we may appear to lack some of the polish of larger companies at the moment, hopefully you can see our enthusiasm, commitment and listening to customers allows us to make a real impact at an affordable price to help achieve more realism on our model railways."

This is the product list referred to:

At the time, there was no website available. Since then I've found that the SEVEN millimetre range can be viewed here: http://www.modelrailwaywagons.co.uk/Poppy%27s.htm

I hope that members find the information to be of use.

Paul Willis
Deputy Chairman
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