LNER 1937 East Anglian Set - 4mm Coach Etches

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LNER 1937 East Anglian Set - 4mm Coach Etches

Postby RedDragon » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:45 am

I am in the process of commissioning a set of etches to build the 1937 East Anglian train. The proposal is to have the coach sides etched only, for the Diagrams D236 to D240. The etch design will be as per the MJT sides with insert lower panels as opposed to the Comet design with the split along the full length of the waistline. As these are Open coaches there are comparatively few panels to solder in.
I believe most of the other components to build these coaches are available from the MJT range or from the increasing range of parts from Wizard Models under the RDEB name.

It is proposed to supply a set coach sides for a complete rake of 6 coaches only, to include - restaurant 1st, open 1st, restaurant 3rd, open 3rd and two off semi open brake 3rds.

The design layout will be based on the current available set of Isinglass drawings.

Expressions of interest only are invited at this time, please contact by PM with your e-mail address and further information will be supplied as potential numbers are identified.

Thanks for your interest.


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