SR Couplings for non-corridor coaches

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Re: SR Couplings for non-corridor coaches

Postby Noel » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:36 pm

jon price wrote:In 1934 the Army had very few armoured vehicles, and at the start of WW2 the typical infantry unit only had 13 carriers. Until 1937 there would have been none in a regiment (which in the British Army is actually a battalion). From then to 1939/40 they would have been Bren carriers (not Universal carriers, which is the vehicle you will find as a model kit which only began to be inroduced at that point).

The first experimental armoured and motorised brigades were formed that year [ignoring the, by 1934 disbanded, experimental force of 1927].Generally units were described as battalions for infantry and the Royal Tank Regiment, regiments for former Yeomanry and cavalry units converted to armoured units.

jon price wrote:Although by 1939 all British infantry was technically mechanised (in that motor vehicles were provided for transport) these were a separate unit,

Agreed major movements by road would be carried out by specialist transport units, and there would have been no towed weapons in infantry units in the mid-1930s, but infantry units would still have had some integral motor transport, for mortars and heavy machine guns, and for admin and communication purposes [wireless, collecting stores, providing mobility for regimental officers, etc., plus motor cycles for the reconnaissance platoon.] Admittedly if the unit went on exercises these might well be left behind and others borrowed at the destination.

jon price wrote:so all the officers would fit in a four or six wheel carriage

So far as I know, apart from some minor branches, such stock had gone out of use by the 1930s in favour of bogie vehicles.

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Re: SR Couplings for non-corridor coaches

Postby jon price » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:59 pm

There were halff a dozen 3" morters in each battalion, but no Machine Guns, (aside from the Bren LMG which didn't require special transport) as these were deployed in Machine Gun Battalions.

There were quite a few short carriages still in service mid decade, obviously mostly as extra, or workmen's stock, so military trains could have made use of them. As an example there were 301 of the LNWR 30'1" six wheeler 5 compartment thirds still in use by the LMS in 1933, and forty luggage composites, plus a handful of other types. Most were withdrawn during the latter half of the decade, but one carriage to D358 survived until 1959. Something similar seems likely with the GWR stock.

I would think you would need to find out which units might have visited the area, and where they came from before deciding on what stock would be in use for the trains, but whatever the type or source a whole battalion (given peacetime levels) would need five or six first class compartments, and 100 third class, so a couple of trains.

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