Another cattle wagon query

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Lord Colnago
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Another cattle wagon query

Postby Lord Colnago » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:07 am

Following on from my query concerning the Slaters MR cattle wagon, does anyone know how long the W1/W5 GWR cattle wagons, as per the Coopercraft kit, lasted in service?

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Re: Another cattle wagon query

Postby Noel » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:30 am

The Ideal Stocks Committee figures show 2,260 cattle wagons for the WR, all 8T. GW construction of VB vehicles (i.e. W5 onwards) totalled 1900, from which 130 have to be deducted for the Y10 fruit van conversions, so the ISC figure must include some of W1. Whether the ISC figure include W1 reclassed under V30 for beer barrel traffic I don't know.

Geoff Kent's "The 4mm Wagon" Part 2 has a photograph of an unconverted W1 in 1947, apparently still in livestock traffic. However, the GW built no unfitted vehicles after the last of W1 in 1904, and many vehicles from W1 were subsequently converted to VB, so any unfitted survivors would probably not have lasted long after nationalisation, assuming they survived that long. The same book has a post-nationalisation photo of W5. Given that BR built 1000 Cattle wagons in 1949-50, and a further 1300 in 1951-53, and the declining traffic, I would think that unfitted W1 was extinct by about 1950, and fitted W1 and W5 probably by about the mid-1950s.

Kent, incidentally, refers to errors in the kit, and sundry in-service alterations, and references Martin Goodall's article in MRJ 24&25 on these points.

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Re: Another cattle wagon query

Postby John Palmer » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:51 pm

Steve Banks' website contains quite a lot of material on cattle traffic and may be worth a look. In particular, at there is a shot looking along the platform with a lengthy rake of cattle wagons on the left, of which the nearest looks to me like a W5, with what appears to be a W8 third from the left, with Dean-Churchward brake in evidence. Unfortunately the picture isn't precisely dated but put in a bracket between 1950 and 1956.

Also worth a look is The first picture, featuring a V2 and dated 1952, has what I think may be a W11 ninth in the formation, but go two-thirds of the way down and you'll find a 1948 picture with an O2 near Temple Mills. Lead vehicle seems to me to be a W1; if it isn't then I think it must instead be another W5.

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