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Tank Wagon Vac Brake Plumbing: Advice Please

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:36 pm
by dal-t
By some rather foolish mis-planning, I'm currently fighting my way through a Masokits vac braked chassis for one of three Airfix/Dapol Tank Wagon kits (the others are being finished as OO 'out of the bag' and EM 'finescaled a bit', so they don't concern us here). I'm actually quite enjoying getting to grips with the crispness of Mr Clark's etchings, and the smoothness of his springing system is very impressive, but while attaching the (non-supplied) brake cylinders, and contemplating the coming fiddle of fitting a 1/32" brass vac pipe through three folded-down brackets that side-step it from one bufferbeam to the other, it occurred to me that surely there ought to be some connection from the pipe to the cylinders? At present, it appears the cylinder rods would only move if one or other of the not-yet-fitted brake levers were applied by hand, rotating the crossbar to which the cylinder rods are attached. Meanwhile the vacuum just passes idly from one end of the chassis to the other, making the 35ton glw tanker merely a 'piped' vehicle. As a dyed-in-the-wool pre-Grouping modeller (well, on all other occasions) the whole idea of wag(g)ons braking-while-moving is a black art to me, but this can't be 'all right', can it? If it isn't, any advice on how the plumbing really should run would be very gratefully received (particularly if you don't tell anyone else on the Forum that I've got myself into this little difficulty - though I'm normally quite happy with my deep-seated ignorance of post-war rolling stock, on this occasion I would hate to let it lead me into some howling blunder, since that would blacken the whole idea of showing just how much a basic plastic offering can be improved with scale details).

Re: Tank Wagon Vac Brake Plumbing: Advice Please

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:25 am
by Porcy Mane
Vacuum cylinders are connected to the vacuum pipe using flexible piping via a direct admission valve.

You may find the pictures in this link helpful The original connecting pipes in this instance being replaced with the clear automotive type tubing.


Re: Tank Wagon Vac Brake Plumbing: Advice Please

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:17 am
by dal-t
Perrrfect - VMT! I have, of course, perused that thread many times (leading me to purchase several of Paul Bartlett's excellent photos) but I hadn't picked up on that detail previously. The odd thing is, I reckon I've just consigned something that might well do as that "distribution fitting" to my spares box recently, though I can't remember whether it was shaved off a 1/72 Swordfish or one of several 1/35 AFVs going through 'the works' pre-Christmas. So, I'll press on with Mr Clark's finger-burning exercise, and if we can just keep this little lapse between me and thee ...