Grey or brown?

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Re: Grey or brown?

Postby Noel » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:22 pm

Colin Parks wrote:LMS banana van in what I would call red oxide.Colin

The LMS version and the early BR ones had a boxed-in steam pipe up the ends. This is not present here, nor is there any evidence of its removal. This lack of evidence of removal is far from conclusive given its state, but I suspect this is a BR 1/242 van, the first with 10ft wb. It seems to have lasted in service into the 1960s, since it has what appears to be the remains of the yellow circle applied after the 1961 onwards removal or blanking-off of the steam heating and addition of extra insulation.

Even so, given that it appears to be a fairly recent photo, it must be 40 or 50 years since it was last painted, if that is BR paint [which seems a long time for it to have survived], so its current colour is probably not a reliable guide to its appearance in service with BR. It does look, however, as if the visible paint may have been applied over the circle, it which case it is likely to be post-BR. It is difficult to be sure, but it looks as though some of the same paint is on the end vent, which is definitely post-BR use as a banana van.


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